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Why just exist?

You were created to be amazing

Not a single person doubts that their time on this planet is brief but we are taking this amazing gift of life and scaling it down to a mere existence, constantly trading amazing for normal without even knowing it. We are so busy trying to accomplish tasks that we miss what it means to live life. Our hearts are so full of pain and disappointment that it is hard to find room for laughter and belief.

The mission of Never Just Exist: To inspire, equip and lead people to fulfill their destinies to change the world by having their own lives transformed through the hope and power of the gospel. Everyone of us have experienced events that left us changed forever … for the better or the worse - that is our choice. There is no pit too deep that we cannot climb out of and there is no mountain that cannot be scaled, with God in our lives. If we are writing the story of our lives every day by our choices… what will our book read? There is little we can do to change the past, but the decisions we make today will change our future. This website is dedicated towards helping everyone who wants to break out of being normal and tear away from just existing. As we journey together, there may be rough times ahead, there will be giants to conquer, but we will remind ourselves; we are not here just fight battles and barely make it through storms… we are here to WIN! We are here to leave this world forever changed! We are here to see heaven come to earth! Fight the good fight, Finish the race, Keep the faith.” 2 Tim 4:7 ---- Make Your Life Count and Never Just Exist!

Beautiful Detours - John 4:3-4 - Encounter Houston - Brent Phillips
Beautiful Detours - John 4:3-4

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Do You Know God Loves You? John 3:16-18

Do you know God loves you? This seems like such an obvious question and most people would …

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