Never Just Exist Ministries was established in 2001 as an internet based ministry. Over the past few years our reach has grown to impact over 30 countries, where we have begun partnering with home and small churches to supply training, sermon material, and bible study curriculum. Reports from local pastors in these countries have been very encouraging as the gospel is being presented simply and effectively resulting in many salvations and discipleship programs.

In addition to our strategic partnering activities, Never Just Exist’s Encounter bible study is streamed around the world and translated by many local pastors. We support several international missionaries and provides schooling, housing, and health care for several orphans. It is our goal to increase our impact to 60 countries and to reach 100,000 people a month with the gospel through our technological platforms and our growing network of house churches.

Although there are many amazing organizations doing similar work, we have discovered that the need to empower others with the gospel is insatiable. The demand for simple, quality discipleship training is overwhelming. We constantly strive to make resources available using replicable technology. Never Just Exist provides all materials and resources for free to those in need of our materials.

We are living at an incredible time where the impact of the gospel on an area, city or nation is limited only to the resources that are available. The internet has been one of our greatest allies in reaching people with the gospel and because of it we have been able to keep our costs to a minimum while striving to double our impact each year.

Our reports indicate that we are able to reach and personally disciple an individual to maturity for only $25. Although we can reach many people for only $1, we know that in order for an individual to flourish in their Christianity and to lead others to Christ themselves, discipleship is a critical process.