The Strain of Battle – Nehemiah 4

Just like Nehemiah we should never allow the obstacles and battles that we face keep us from planting the seeds we have been called to plant.

The Strain of Battle – Nehemiah 4 –  [Against the Odds] – Brent Phillips – Encounter Houston


There’s a tiredness that sleeping cannot fix, it doesn’t matter how much rest you get, you always wake up feeling more exhausted and fatigue than the night before. It is because the tiredness is in your soul. You have been in the battle for so long and you have yet to see the breakthrough.


You can probably think of a time when you wanted to give up? When you threw up your hands and said “I can’t do this anymore!” Everybody has had a moment like this and some of us are in that moment right now and others are bound to experience it in the future.


Up to this point in our series we have seen the multiple obstacles that Nehemiah has had to face with people trying to set him off course. This week we will see the strain that Nehemiah is going through to keep everyone in the battle.


Nehemiah 4:10-11Then the people of Judah began to complain, “The workers are getting tired, and there is so much rubble to be moved. We will never be able to build the wall by ourselves.” Meanwhile, our enemies were saying, “Before they know what’s happening, we will swoop down on them and kill them and end their work.


Not only does Nehemiah and these people have an impossible task of rebuilding the walls, now they have people that want to kill them, you now have difficulties coming up again impossibilities.


Nehemiah 4:12-13 The Jews who lived near the enemy came and told us again and again, “They will come from all directions and attack us!” So I placed armed guards behind the lowest parts of the wall in the exposed areas. I stationed the people to stand guard by families, armed with swords, spears, and bows.


The devil likes to make you think that everyone is talking bad about you when in reality it is only one person that is saying all of that and the enemy has amplified their voice in order to try and get you to quit.


We will lose some battles but we must remember that the war has already been won.


When Nehemiah facing some of the most difficult obstacles he never let that stop him from planting the seeds that God has called him to plant. We too must continue planting the seeds that we have been called too.


Speaker: Brent Phillips


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