It all started when 8 of us met in a home to learn how to experience God in our daily lives. A deep yearning in our hearts told us there had to be more to what we call the “Christian life”. We set out on a journey to have our hearts set on fire, to witness the undeniable power of an Almighty God and to reach those who do not know Jesus. As others heard about our pursuit, they joined in from different denominations, different churches, different walks of life, young and old. Encounter was born. 

Encounter now reaches over 30 countries a month, with thousands downloading the recordings and blogs. What is so special about Encounter? Simply Jesus.


Our mission:
To be revived by God through worship; Ignited by God through the Word; Transformed by God through Prayer; Empowered by God to reach others; 


We are only at the beginning of this journey, but with each step, we are watching our yearning become a reality. Whether you can quote scriptures or never held a bible, whether you are a church leader or a church avoider… God has an Encounter for you.

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